Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Have a Confession….

So I kind of feel like I’m betraying my gender by saying this but… I kind suck at driving my SUV. Yes, I realize that by making this confession I am adding fuel to the fire for the age old stereotype that women are bad drivers. Sorry girls. So to be clear, I’m just talking about ME here.

I have a bit of a depth perception problem. It tends to manifest itself when I'm doing a K-turn in my driveway and when I'm making a right turn into a parking space. When maneuvering in my driveway, I always seem to think the front of my truck sticks out WAY more than it actually does. Hey, given the choice, I’d rather adjust five times than potentially hit the side of the house.

This shortcoming caused a bit of a problem a couple of months ago when B sprained his ankle and I needed to rush him to the hospital. Our cars were parked rather haphazardly in the driveway and there was lawn equipment scattered everywhere. I was trying to back out and turn without hitting our other car. (It’s a stick. I can’t drive it. Surprised?) While all of this angling would be stressful enough under normal circumstances, my husband writhing in pain and yelling at me to “JUST GO ALREADY” provided some added pressure.

The net effect was that I wound up backing into our shed and scraping the bumper and side of my truck! At least this made for great conversation on the way to the hospital.

As for the parking, I can’t seem to judge the middle of a parking space correctly when I’m making a right turn into one. Every morning at the daycare I get out of my car only to find that I’ve parked like a total douche bag taking up two spots and I have to get back in to re-adjust.

In my feeble defense, I wasn’t always THIS bad. I think it’s because up until recently I’ve always driven sedans or other mid-size cars. I suppose in time I’ll get used to it. I know B sure hopes so!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello, Sir

With the advent of his 5th birthday it has come to my attention that my Little Man is not quite so little anymore, both literally and figuratively. Between me being on the short side and E growing like a weed, it won’t be long before we’re nose to nose!

I notice that my son carries himself differently now. I dare say the kid has a little bit of a swagger going on. And it’s funny to hear him throw around phrases that are beyond his years. Things like, “Mommy, I never thought I would say this but…” or, “Well, actually...”

Just last week as we were leaving the house I reminded E to turn off the TV and lights in his playroom. His response? “MOMMY, why do you have to keep saying that?! I’m five now not four anymore.”

Well excuuuuse me.

All joking aside, my son has become good company and I’m enjoying this stage of his childhood immensely. My only fear is that it will go by all too fast and before I know it, someone will be too cool to hold my hand or come barreling at me for a hug.

Since this is E’s time to shine, I thought I would let everyone hear from the birthday boy himself. Here’s a transcript of my exclusive interview with the man of the hour:

Me: What do you like about being five years old?

Little Man: Ummm, excuse me for one second. (Puts head in pillow to think.) What I like about being five is riding on my red thing. (His new electric truck.)

Me: What was your favorite birthday present?

Little Man: The Batmobile. It’s cool.

Me: What did you like best about your birthday party?

Little Man: Ummm, when we were eating and the pizza was yummy.

Me: If you’re five years old, how old is mommy?

Little Man: Ummm, a hundred?

Thanks kid, I will remember that come Christmas time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Know You Are, but What am I?

At the recent BlogHer conference (see I can mention it in a post and I wasn’t even there!), Mary McCarthy of the always entertaining Pajamas and Coffee spoke about how blogging can make you a better writer.

That got me thinking, does being a blogger make ME a writer? It somehow feels audacious for me to claim that title. And yet, people who are not my blood relatives or betrothed to me read what I write on a regular basis. And the little button I press every time I write a new post doesn’t say “Enter” or “Finish,” it teasingly says “Publish.” But at the same time, no one has yet to pay me a “penny for my thoughts.”

So in this age of social media and user generated content, does one need the validation of a literary agent or publishing house to call themselves a writer? What do you think?

On a side note, I do want to say a big THANK YOU to the followers and subscribers who read this blog. My fragile ego treasures each and every one of you. ;-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Saucy Lair

Every now and then in the media you hear some story about men and their “man caves;” places where they can retreat to play video games, watch sports and fart without anyone bothering them.

How come these home and lifestyle shows never talk about the importance of the woman of the house having her own space too? A peaceful haven that is free of clutter, toys and noise.

Well I say claim your space ladies! I sure have. I present for your consideration, my saucy lair (A.K.A. my home office/craft room).

Yes, I know it’s neat. That’s because no one really goes in there except for me. And besides, would any man want to? Between the lavender walls, shabby chic d├ęcor and general frou frou I think that should sufficiently keep out anyone of the male persuasion.

This little room is my special place where I get to express myself. It’s where I blog. It’s where I scrapbook. And it’s where I can just be Me.

Anyone else have a little nook that is their special place in their home? Where do you like curl up to blog? I’d love to hear about it.